...a Virginia native, with feet in the sand and head in the [digital] cloud.


Kaitlyn grew up on the James River in Hampton Roads.  She stepped into a faster pace of life in Philadelphia, where she attended the Wharton School of Business and was lucky enough to connect with some really smart people doing really interesting research in Marketing.

In 2004, she was among the first users of a new little college website called "Thefacebook." As we know, Facebook became a huge social platform, transforming the social landscape (and in some ways, our culture as a whole). From then on, she was smitten. Her professional interests have continued to focus on the evolving digital side of modern marketing. 

Working from beautiful Charlottesville for over a decade, she cultivated a deep level of expertise in Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Paid Media, and Web Analytics.

Today she continues to offer consulting services from Philadelphia. She is passionate about integrating marketing efforts across the ever-growing landscape of digital channels.

...a driver of growth in companies of every size.

Kaitlyn's experience working with national brands like National Geographic, Taco Bell, and a number of major universities has prepared her to implement digital strategy amid complex workflows and multiple dependencies.

At the other end of the spectrum, her work with smaller brands across a variety of verticals has made her attune to the unique challenges of leaner organizations. Often, teaching staff members new digital marketing skills is more valuable to a company than relying on vendors long-term.  (And Kaitlyn is a great teacher).

...a lover of data and people.

Kaitlyn's marketing philosophy revolves around a firm focus on ROI.  Not every digital channel is right for every organization, and finding the right mix promises maximum return.  

Tangible data should inform every strategic and tactical decision.  And each data point should deliver insights into the consumer stories behind them.  After all, good marketers are storytellers at heart.

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