Why You Should NEVER Outsource Strategy

To Scale Up Your Biz, Outsource... But Selectively

When we first start our own businesses, we often find ourselves doing everything on our own. 

It's one reason so many small businesses fail. Important details fall through the cracks while the solopreneur focuses on the high-level stuff. It's hard to stay on top of it all- and little tasks take longer when they're not in your area of expertise. Many a budding entrepreneur has had to confront the ugly truth that there just aren't enough hours in the day.

The solution? Outsource those tasks you don't want to do (or just can't do)!

But I wanna stop you right there for a sec. I see too many starter-uppers making a truly fatal mistake: they outsource strategic elements of their businesses. That's a big no-no, friend.

**Frankly, I've even seen seasoned executives at huge organizations make this mistake...you'd be surprised, friend. It's not unique to us entrepreneurs. So don't knock yourself if you've ever felt the impulse to just go ahead and hire someone to tell ya what to do. We've all found ourselves in tough spots where the idea seemed tempting. ;)

What should you outsource?

Administrative tasks, payroll, bookkeeping, data entry, manual tasks, presentations, email management, scheduling, basic research.

Consider a virtual assistant- these are the types of details they excel at!

You can (and should) also eventually hire out help for functions that aren't part of your core competency - e.g.: design, web maintenance and security, tactical implementation in all marketing channels.

But I'll say it again...

There's one thing you should never outsource: STRATEGY. Here are three reasons why not...

You Would Never Outsource The Creation Of Your Own Identity

Your biz strategy is as close to the DNA of your business as you can get. It contains everything that makes your business unique and competitive. 

Strategy is core. And ya don't outsource your core.

You Can't Outsource Passion and Grit

YOU are the one who went out on a limb, put it all on the line, and took the plunge into this entrepreneurial game. (Whew- that was a lot of metaphors!) ;)

The point is- you've taken on the risk and stress of entrepreneurship for some very good reason. You're passionate about something. You believe in some cause enough to put in the effort for just the chance to make it work as a business.

And since you're the one making all the sacrifices, putting in all the hard work, taking on all the risk -- YOU are the only one who could ever feel the most urgency to turn your biz into a success.

Consultants can give valuable strategic advice, yes. But no consultant will ever feel the same passion about your biz as you do. And when the going gets tough- and strategic ideas don't work- no consultant will feel your agony or summon the grit it takes to get up and try again.

You Gotta Know Your Position On Your Roadmap At All Times

Your strategy is so incredibly closely tied to your business' very success or failure. 

Every opportunity that comes your way will need to be evaluated against your strategic plans. And if YOU are not intimately acquainted with the master plan, you risk making bad decisions for your business.

Your strategy is your roadmap to success. As the owner, YOU are the driver. You are not someone else's chauffeur. Set your own path!

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