Official Bio

(...In Which I Speak in Third-Person)


Kaitlyn Dhanaliwala is a corporate digital marketing consultant - AND a digital marketing mentor to modern entrepreneurs. She helps smart entrepreneurs end their digital angst and earn more revenue online.

With a degree from the Wharton School of Business, Kaitlyn has spent over a decade managing digital marketing programs for Fortune 500 brands, non-profits, and start-ups across many industries. Since starting her own consultancy, Kaitlyn's passion lies in helping fellow entrepreneurs. 

Kaitlyn applies her deep level of expertise (in Search Engine Optimization, Content Strategy, Online Paid Advertising, and Web Analytics) to solve the unique challenges entrepreneurs face. Her online training courses, e-books, and other digital resources give small businesses clear, practical guidance that generates real results.


How Exactly Do I Help Entrepreneurs? 

(...In Which We Break It Down)

Hey there! 

What exactly do I do?  In a nutshell, I help ambitious entrepreneurs like you get past those mindblocks around technology - and start earning more from your web presence.  

NOT after investing a fortune, NOT after years of intensive work, NO support staff necessary - but nowstarting from zerojust me and you.  And then I'll show you how to scale up!

I give you the information, tools, and techniques that will multiply your audience and revenue online. Please don't waste your energy chasing shiny, new tactics that just don't make sense for entrepreneurs. (Cuz we have to hustle more than our big competitors...ain't nobody got time to waste).

I create free learning resources.

Like this article about how to customize your Google Analytics reports. Or this checklist of the 7 questions your digital marketing plan should answer. Or (just for fun)- my take on how SEO is strangely similar to parenting. You can always check out my blog for new free articles, resources, and encouraging perspective.

I publish e-books, worksheets, and templates.

If you're ready to start seeing more web performance today but it's not the right time for a full course, then you should check out my library of downloadable learning resources. Through specific exercises, you can start laying the foundation for digital marketing excellence. Deliciously digestible (and wonderfully affordable) guides like SEO That Sells for Entrepreneurs are designed to deliver instant payoff.

I run in-depth, high-impact online courses.

My online courses are for entrepreneurs who are ready to learn the whole shebang- from strategic planning to flawless execution of an online campaign. Past courses have covered Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning, Web Analytics, SEO, and Content Marketing. You can enroll now in my high-impact (and totally affordable) course, The Profitable Digital Marketing Plan.

I know what cuts through the noise loudest. I know the digital toolset every entrepreneur should master in order to compete with the big guys and see fast results.

And I want to share that toolset with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

— Yours Truly

If your question involves


then I'm your gal.*

*Wait- unlessssss you're thinking online dating... But trust me- you don't want my dating advice anyway. ;)


So who is this chick really? 

(...In Which We Let Our Hair Down & Pour Ourselves Some Vino)

The Backstory

I'm a southern girl who grew up on the James River in coastal Virginia.

I'll admit it- I was always kind of a nerd. I loved school- most of all English Language and Math (which is really just a different kind of language).  I was the weirdo 10-year-old who started a math club with my best friend...during summer vacation...with worksheets...for fun.  (Yeahhh).  ;)

My Digital Inspiration

But the extracurricular geekiness paid off, in a way.  I got into a competitive university and traded the peaceful riverfront for a faster pace of life in Philadelphia.  

While I was at the Wharton School of Business, I was among the first users of a new little website called "Thefacebook." It was developed by a Harvard kid named Mark Zuckerberg ;) who opened it up to my school back in 2004.  

My first-ever use of Facebook: to scope out that cute guy down the hall in my dorm.  (He'd later become my husband). 

From then on, I was smitten (with social media and with the guy).

And I've focused my career on the evolving digital side of modern marketing ever since. 

Start Big, Grow...Small?

After graduation, I worked for years in a digital agency, running campaigns for brands like National Geographic, Taco Bell, and the American Heart Association. Huge brands, hefty budgets.  

I became an expert in SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Ads, and Web Analytics.  I trained new agency hires and found that I loved teaching. (And my childhood fondness for worksheets came in handy again...Score!)

Then I moved in-house to build a digital marketing program for a mid-sized company in Central Virginia. I learned some of the unique challenges of leaner organizations (with leaner resources).  

In my off-time, I loved helping my friends and colleagues on their start-ups. The passion they felt for their entrepreneurial ventures was contagious.  I began to feel like I was missing out...

My Ah-ha Moment

With the arrival of our first child in 2013, my time suddenly became Way. More. Valuable.

Craving more flexibility / challenge / freedom / fulfillment, I set out on my own. In my first year as a full-time consultant, I earned the same income as my salary from the corporate job I'd just left. This was a huge comfort (Yay, I can feed my family!)  But something was still missing...

I learned A LOT that first year about being a successful entrepreneur.  And it finally dawned on me that I wanted (and needed) to focus some of my time helping other entrepreneurs.  There's just something about an entrepreneurial challenge that I love. ;)

My Philosophy

I am a lover of people and data.

I believe in the amazing power of data to help us make smart marketing choices and make more money, faster

I know most normal, well-adjusted people feel their eyes glaze over when faced with a big ol' spreadsheet of data. I get it.  But the truth is that DATA = STORIES ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS. And that shit is golden!

But, bless its heart, data can be a little boring.  If only we could give our data a makeover.  Maybe squeeze it into a pair of Spanx and a wrap dress, give it a blowout, pour it a glass of wine...and THEN hear what stories it has to tell.  

Well that's what I do. (Metaphorically, of course) ;)

I help entrepreneurs make sense of their data with confidence, bring those stories to life through their digital marketing, and earn more in the process.